Cloud Connection Demonstration:

The Embedded Device controlling the sprinkler valve is connected as a client to a Cloud Service running on a Remote Server.This connection is secure, encrypted and cannot be 'hacked' because the Embedded Device is not accepting connections from the WAN. This Web Page is also connecting to the Cloud Service as a client via a secured connection that is not exposed in the web interface. Only a single control function is exposed for purposes of demonstration. When the 'Toggle Valve' button is clicked, a command is sent to the Cloud Service and then on to the Embedded Device. Return communication happens similarly.This topology for Cloud Connected Embedded Devices allows system security to be maintained and updated exclusively on the front end interface, whether in web or native applications.

Note- The response can be fairly slow depending on the sleep state of the Cloud Service and the current state of the Embedded Device. When the 'Toggle Valve' button turns yellow, the command has been accepted and is pending.The color of the button may return to green or gray color before the command has time to make the trip depending on what commands are already in the queue.